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If you haven�t been to a dentist in years, it is because you suffer from moderate to severe dental phobia. You needn�t worry about that. There are many others like you and they find us out and come to The New Dental Clinic to get their teeth or smile made better. We treat patients from almost all states of India and from many countries around the globe with our expertise. You would be amazed at the wonderful advancements that dentistry today has to offer. We are updated with new methods of dentistry and oral hygiene and the way in which they work on you.

Here is a list of treatments and procedures we have for you at The New Dental Clinic.

> General/Cosmetic Dentistry
> Tooth Fillings
> Tooth Whitening
> Smile Enhancement
> Computerised Estimates
> Statement of Accounts
> Radiographs
> Periodontal Treatment
> Plastic & Metal Dentures
> Simple & Surgical Extractions
> Root Canal Therapy (RCT)
> Removal of Cysts
> Crown and Bridgework
> Ceramic Veneers/ Crown
> Gold/Metal-porcelain crowns
> Fixed partial denture - ceramic
> Removable braces

> Preventative treatments

> Extractions

> Elderly care

> Fresh breath/ bad breath

> Oral hygiene and Gum disease

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