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Dr Anilkumar BDS, is born and

bred in Trivandrum, and gives a

professional touch to whatever he

does; whether it is doing a root

canal or driving his 6 seater! Even

after 12 years of service including

a few years in the Indian army,

he is as fresh as ever.

Dr. Anilkumar has been married

to Sandhya for 17 years and has 2

grown up children, Sreehari and


Dr. Anilkumar used to be a known

wrestling champion in the late

70�s but when asked about it, he

just grins away saying that it was

not him! So, when pulling out your

premolars, remember that he can do

them without his forceps too!

This dedicated dentist is currently President of the Trivandrum Chapter of Indian Dental Association. He spends a lot of his time for the activities of IDA in spite of his taxing schedule

in his clinic. Apart from occasional visits to the Club or watching a movie when he gets time,

Dr. Anilkumar is basically a true dentist who strives hard for the welfare of his patients and

the community around him.

Dr. Sandhya BDS is his companion in life and in

his profession, and assists him in the practice.

Dr. Sandhya, who always presents herself to others with a warm and homely smile, is a caring mom and a dedicated wife, and takes maximum efforts to support Dr. Anilkumar and The New Dental Clinic.

The Team of Dentists who assist Dr. Anilkumar

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