USD 60
USD 50
USD 250
USD 200
USD 500

USD 90
USD 150
USD 180

USD 100
USD 150
USD 750


Dental consultation        
Scaling and polishing
Flap surgery per quadrant
Gingivectomy per quadrant
Tooth Whitening

Extraction complicated
Extraction Impaction

Simple Filling
Composite Filling
Root Canal Filling

Ni Cr Crown per unit
Metal Ceramic per unit
Metal free Ceramic per unit

Cast Partial Denture per frame
Complete Denture Acrylic
Complete Denture BPS

Implants ( one )
Tooth Whitening
Orthodontic Treatment


:: fees ::





USD 250
USD 500
USD 1000

USD 600
USD 750
USD 1250

USD 2200
USD 500
USD 650
USD 2000

The fees structure mentioned here should be treated as a guide only. Please call our dental clinic on

+91-471-2434646 for up to date information.  

At The New Dental Clinic, we use only the very finest dental materials and dental equipment. Every patient will be presented a full treatment plan (with all options available), a clear explanation of fees and other relevant details before the dental procedure. There are no hidden surprises. We strive not to let expense prevent you from benefiting from the quality care you desire and need. We are confident that we can help you achieve the very best result possible - more than you deserve.


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